Anticipate non-financial risks
and implement cost-driven

Grace Connect Risk modules provide advanced

analytical tools for sound and efficient management

of non-financial risks across the organization

Modules were recently updated to support
our clients in their DORA implementation

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Risk Management

Risk related modules are designed by experienced risk professionals to identify, measure, mitigate, monitor, and report on qualitative measures of all non-financial risks that may arise from new projects, processes, or forward-looking risk assessments.
Embedded specific module for operational risk scenario analysis and self-assessments of the Risk Management function.
It follows best practices and standards such as ISO31000 and includes a predefined set of graphs and KPI's for end-users and a comprehensive dashboard for management.

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Incident Management

Grace Connect GRC Suite includes an incident management module for logging various types of incidents, including operational events, cyber security incidents, data quality issues, or any other tickets that may come from your Security Operating Center or Network Operating Center.
Users can view incidents with predefined graphs and KPI's and request additional KPI's and graphs. Happy second line users will no longer suffer from push backs from first line…

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cyber security

Cyber Security Risk

Included solutions for monitoring your cyber threats and their evolution in time. A module is design to document the CIA classification of your critical information assets.
If you think you are good, but in reality, you don’t know where you are with your cyber security implementation or worse your exploitable vulnerabilities, there is cyber security maturity assessment embedded in Grace Connect GRC Suite (CMMI)
Through an API, Cyber Security could be linked to a Central Threat Intelligence feeds or SIEM solutions. It is fully aligned with Task tracking module for monitoring your actions e.g. pentest finding actions.

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Business Continuity
& Resilience Management

Business Continuity Management (BCM) related modules are designed to ensure an appropriate documentation of Business Impact Analysis (both at process and system levels), BC risk assessment, Crisis activation, Crisis reporting in case of a major incident is escalated to a crisis.
There are notifications features embedded to alert decision makers, and logging of incoming information, crisis severity assessment, and management decisions, which are essential when dealing with crisis under pressure.

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Third Party Risk

Risks arising from doing business with external Providers must be identified, measured, monitored, and mitigated (if necessary). For these risks, the accountability stays with you.
Good news, we have designed a dedicated Third-party risk management module to support the identification, assessment and mitigation of risks associated to third parties such as vendors, suppliers, co-tenants, and other service providers.
This includes evaluating the security, compliance, privacy, security and operational risks of third parties. Third Party Risk management is also included with dedicated Outsourcing Risk Assessment templates for critical suppliers.

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Privacy Risks Management

The Data Protection framework ensures compliance with privacy requirements as defined by GDPR. It includes a module for performing Data Privacy Impact Assessments (DPIA), a Registry Of data Processing Activities (ROPA), and a GDPR compliance assessment module.
All of these modules are natively linked with the Process Management module. Grace Connect GRC Suite provides a full set of modules dedicated to the management of Data Privacy risks.

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Data Management

These modules are designed for organization with high maturity for data management. The purpose is to track data quality issues arising from operations (mailing sent to wrong client addresses, incomplete data sets used for modelling purpose, inaccurate data in EUC files, input files not present to be processes, etc). All dimensions of data adequacy are included.
User could upload their data dictionary, which is in our view a key success factors for a sound data management. For GDPR purpose, tracking sensitive data and evaluate measures protecting them is also key.

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Complaint Management

Managing incoming complaints is not just about resolving issues but also taking the opportunity to strengthen the customer relationship and reinforce the trust in your organization processes.
Our Complaint management module is designed to streamline the registration of complaints, the resolution process (incl. the outcomes of the investigation), and documentation of complaint-related evidences.

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