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Compliance is the cornerstone of corporate integrity, ensuring business alignment with necessary legal and ethical standards. Grace Connect GRC Suite enhances regulatory adherence through a set of comprehensive Compliance modules, enabling precision and efficiency across the compliance lifecycle . Each module is designed to simplify the compliance process, providing a streamlined workflow from policy management to compliance education and oversight, seamlessly integrated with governance and risk management for a unified GRC strategy. This synergy ensures that compliance is embedded within the fabric of organizational processes, fostering a culture of continuous regulatory excellence.

Compliance Management module includes:

COI Declaration and

Handle conflict of interest declarations seamlessly, ensuring all disclosures are made in a timely and transparent manner.

Maintain a comprehensive register to track and manage all COI statements, streamlining your internal compliance processes.

Quarterly Reporting

Automate and simplify your compliance reporting process with our compliance quarterly reporting module.

Ensure timely submissions and gain clear insights into your compliance posture with intuitive dashboards and reporting tools.

Regulatory Watch

This module is designed for organizations to actively monitor and log important regulatory changes.

This feature supports adaptation to new compliance landscapes by connecting new and updated regulations to relevant internal tasks, ensuring your organization maintains a current and proactive compliance stance.

Compliance Procedures

Consolidate and manage all compliance procedures within a centralized repository.

This feature allows easy access and updates to all your compliance-related documents, ensuring consistency and control across the organization.

Compliance Training

Develop and manage a comprehensive training program with our compliance training module.

Schedule, track, and report on training activities to ensure your team remains informed and compliant with the necessary regulatory requirements.

New Product

Enhance your audit team's productivity with our Time Management module.

Track time spent on various audit activities, gain insights into efficiency, and make informed decisions about resource allocation and deadline adherence.

Our compliance modules work in tandem with our governance and risk management tools, providing a holistic approach to GRC.

This integration allows for a more strategic view of compliance within the broader context of enterprise risk and governance.

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