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What is Complaint

Complaints Management is an operational process to acknowledge and register an incoming complaint from your clients, your distributions partners, or other counterparts.
The timeliness of response is key to maintain a good relationship and eventually trust in your service or product delivery.

The in-depth investigation of complaint is required before to decide on the next steps (i.e. possible commercial gesture or reinforcement of internal processes).

The Grace Connect GRC Suite's Complaints Management module allows to log complaints from different stakeholders (customers, agents, brokers, and even Regulatory bodies), perform an in depth root cause analysis and evaluate major related impacts.

It is interconnected with the Task Module for action management and Business Processes for insights, supplemented by KPIs for strategic oversight and regulatory reporting features.

Grace Connect is committed to support its clients with a proactive approach to manage complaints, hence avoiding operational risks behind.

Complaint Management module includes:

Complaints Recording

List view is available to give a comprehensive overview of all complaints logged in the Grace Connect GRC Suite and can be extracted in multiple editable formats in case further elaborations are needed.

Complaints Monitoring

Graphs and KPIs are automatically updated to provide a visual overview of complaints trends and resolution status, allowing for proactive management and strategic decision making.

Indicators could easily point at concentration of complaints on a specific product, process, or sales agent. This could lead to resolution actions to be initiated.

Process Improvement

By connecting the Complaints to the Process Module, incoming complaints can be linked to internal processes providing insights into the critical areas generating most external feedback

Document Management

Grace Connect GRC Suite includes a document management system allowing end-users to upload complaint-related evidences or documentation (emails, scanned letters, other document shared). This is an important feature enabling multiple team members to work on a complaint based on an efficient workflow.

Automatic Reporting

The module is designed in compliance with IVASS Regulation. It boasts a sophisticated reporting mechanism that automatically populates reports for submission towards Regulatory Authority.

Our Complaint management tool is fully integrated in the Grace Connect GRC Suite, meaning that it can benefit from information sharing from other modules such as Third Party, Process, Task, Product, or Risk.

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